• Remember to have the Precinct 5 Dispatch number, 281-463-6666, listed as the first contact on your alarm system for faster response

• We would like a Healthy Houston!

1) Everyone 10 and older should wear a mask properly which means over their nose and mouth.

2) Stay at least 6 feet away from anyone who is not in your immediate family.

3) Get tested.

4) Stay home as much as possible except for essentials.

Visit Harris County for updated information.

A Warm Welcome

warmwelcome2 Marilyn Estates residents work hard to maintain our quality of life and our property values. If you are new to our subdivision, we are sure you were attracted to your home because of the care given it by its former residents. This information is to let you know about some expectations we have of our residents in that regard.


Of course, many of these items are covered by our Deed Restrictions – and many of those are also covered by City of Houston ordinances. Here are the basics:



Houston has a humid subtropical climate. During the summer, lawns grow rapidly and need care continually. That means mowing and edging is needed every week. Unless we are getting rain frequently, your flower beds need to be watered and weeded for them to look their best. Also be sure to water your trees during this horrible drought! Click for tree watering tips.


The City of Houston has a number of ordinances that govern trash handling and pickup and our Deed Restrictions endorse and support them. All property owners – and renters too – are bound by these rules.

Our standard garbage pickup day is TUESDAY, unless Monday is a city holiday and then it is Wednesday. Lawn clippings are NOT to be placed in the garbage can but bagged separately. If the lawn-clipping bags are too heavy (>50 lbs), ask your yard people to put clippings in smaller, lighter bags. Tree or shrub branches in 4-foot lengths can be bundled with twine and placed at curb for pickup with lawn clippings.

  • Garbage and clippings may be placed at the curb after 6 p.m. of the day preceding pickup!
  • Recyclables are picked up every other Tuesday (or Wednesday if a holiday week).
  • When not at the curb, garbage containers, bags of clippings and green recycle carts must be stored in a location NOT VISIBLE FROM THE STREET. Your rolling garbage bin needs to be stored away by 10 p.m. of the collection day.
  • Heavy trash is picked up once a month, on the 2nd WEDNESDAY. Heavy trash is now divided into 2 categories: tree waste and junk waste. Tree waste is tree limbs, branches and stumps, NO lumber, furniture or treated wood – it is picked up in odd months. Junk waste is everything else – it is picked up in even months. Heavy trash may be placed curbside after 6 p.m. of the Friday preceding the 2nd Wednesday!
  • Schedules on heavy trash and holiday pickup are located on the City of Houston Solid Waste Management Website and on this website.


To maintain an attractive appearance and help maintain the security of the neighborhood, do not leave items such as brooms, lawn tools or trash on your front porch. Shopping carts do not belong on your property at all. The free community newspapers delivered each week onto your front lawn need to be removed daily, in addition to flyers placed on your door and trash that blows into your yard.


You may notice some residents in our subdivision may not be in compliance with all the above notices. In most cases, these are new property owners or they are renters whom the property owner has not informed. The Marilyn Estates Association volunteers work with all residents as we become aware they are not complying with our requirements to maintain our neighborhood.

As we mentioned, many of these items also are covered by city ordinances. They are meant to help us keep our property values high and improve security in the neighborhood. It is never an excuse to not comply with these items simply because some residents may not be in compliance.


This Website has been compiled by Marilyn Estates residents and is designed tobe a source of information for residents ... and future residents! If you have any corrections, changes or additions to the Website, please go to “Contact Us” and send us the info via the form.

In addition to this Website, information is included in the quarterly Marilyn Estates Gazette newsletter sent via e-mail to residents right after the quarterly Association meetings held in January, April, July and October. Please take advantage of the valuable and timely information contained in the newsletter.

Again, we welcome you to Marilyn Estates and hope you will take an active interest in the activities of our subdivision. If you have any questions or need a more extensive explanation of any of these items, there are phone numbers and e-mail addresses for officers, block directors and committee members.

Thank you -- from the Marilyn Estates Association Officers, Directors and Committee Members