For complete information on Houston parks, go to the City of Houston Parks & Recreation Department.

Parks near Marilyn Estates include:

  • Burnett Bayland Park – 6000 Chimney Rock
  • Chimney Rock Park – 11655 Chimney Rock
  • Gail Reeves Park – 8800 Mullins
  • Godwin Park – 5101 Rutherglenn*
  • Meyerland Park – 5151 Jason
  • Westbury Park – 5635 Willowbend*
  • Willow Park – 10400 Cliftwood
  • Willow Waterhole* (see complete info below)

*closest to Marilyn Estates

In addition, Harris County Precinct Three has Bayland Park, located at 6400 Bissonnet. In addition to the usual park facilities, it has a community center that accommodates early voting.

The City of Bellaire has a number of nearby parks but many of their facilities require that you be a Bellaire resident. However, the Nature Discovery Center in Bellaire’s Russ Pitman Park is open to the general public and is an excellent facility for adults and children alike.

  • Southwest-area dog parks include the City of Houston’s Levy Park and Ervan Chew Park. For information on those parks, click here.

  • The closest dog park is the City of Bellaire’s Officer Lucy Dog Park at 4337 Lafayette.

  • A very popular park is Harris County Precinct Three’s Danny Jackson Family Dog Park at 4828½ Loop Central Drive. It is only 5¼ miles away at Westpark just inside the 610 West Loop.

For information on other Houston-area and Harris County dog parks, click here.

Willow Waterhole Greenspace Park

Just about 2 miles south of Marilyn Estates is the Willow Waterhole Greenspace Park, a 279-acre combination stormwater-detention site and nature preserve. It is located generally between Westbury High School and South Post Oak. Click for a recent Houston Chronicle article about the park.

Willow Waterhole will have a total of six compartments constructed to eventually bring a great deal of our area out of the 100-year flood plain. Several compartments have been completed and now have permanent wet-bottom lakes.

The Harris County Flood Control District owns the land and makes the unexcavated portion available to Houston Parks and Recreation for use as a park. In addition, the Brays Oaks Management District has expanded its boundaries eastward to enclose the park; this will help provide a funding stream for future park amenities.

The project already has two gazebos, some trails and a pedestrian bridge. There also are picnic tables and benches in addition to a water fountain. Willow Waterhole has a Conservation Reserve including wildlife habitat, natural greenspace, aquatic habitat, aerial habitat for birds and wetlands. Avid birders have identified at least 100 species of birds visiting the site.

Plans include a variety of trails, educational facilities, bird observatories, an open-air theatre, a deck for telescopes to observe the sky, a dog park, flower garden, adequate parking and more. In time, Willow Waterhole will fulfill its objective as a superb flood-control project as well as an opportunity to experience nature in an urban location.