Weekly Garbage Collection

Marilyn Estates’ homes receive garbage collection service once a week (Tuesdays except for on/after holidays) on an Automated Garbage Collection System that employs a specially fitted truck. A side arm grabs and lifts a special container, dumps the garbage into the truck and returns the container to the curb.


Residents receive one container from the city, for which there is no additional charge for service. For an additional container, there is a monthly fee. Also, extra bags of garbage will be collected only if they have a special sticker attached. For “Add a Can” and “Tags for Bags” programs, click here. (Tags are not needed for bags of yard trimmings.)

Household garbage should be put inside the city-provided container. The handle of your container should point toward your house. (Arrows on the can should point towards the street). The container should be placed at the curb between 6 p.m. the day before and 7 a.m. on the scheduled collection day. Both city ordinances and Marilyn Estates deed restrictions specify that containers or bags may NOT be placed curbside any earlier!

The container must be accessible to the automated collection truck and not be blocked by obstacles such as trees, parked cars, mailboxes, basketball hoops and poles, and power lines. Do NOT include environmental waste, construction waste, dead animals, computer waste, recyclables or yard trimmings in your garbage can!

Containers MUST be removed from the curb by 10 p.m. on the day of collection and stored in a secured location. Removal is required both by city ordinance and Marilyn Estates deed restrictions, and deed restrictions also require that the can not be visible from the street.

Additional info: http://www.houstontx.gov/solidwaste/garbagetips.html

Yard clippings and leaves

Yard clippings MUST be placed in compostable bags, available for purchase at various retailers throughout the city. Yard trimmings placed in your garbage can or any other bag will not be collected and may subject you to a fine! Check with your lawn service providers to see if they have the proper bags.

In addition, you or your lawn service can use a mulching mower and let clippings lie on your grass. (Click here for info on why mulch-mowing saves you time and money.) Or you may build a personal compost pile where you can place clippings.

Don’t let your lawn service leave bags of yard clippings and leaves on the street before they are allowed. This practice violates both the Marilyn Estates deed restrictions AND the City of Houston ordinance on placement of solid waste.

Marilyn Estates’ regular garbage pickup is every Tuesday – unless there’s a Monday holiday and then it’s on a Wednesday. Containers of every kind are to be kept out of sight until no earlier than 6 p.m. on the day before pickup. If your bags are too heavy to move out of the way after mowing and then back by the street for pickup, you have two options. Have your yard workers put them into smaller bags you can handle OR ask a neighbor to help you move them.