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Followup on Street & Drainage Project 2014-2015

Information about Moving of Wastewater Lines

You may have noticed on the reconstructed streets (5400 blocks) some white plastic caps near the sidewalk between each pair of houses. Our wastewater lines, which have been at the “alley” at the back of our homes, are being moved to the front. Due to fences, trees, and other impediments, the City can no longer service the wastewater lines at the back of our homes.

About 6 months after the drainage and street reconstruction project is completed, the City will move the wastewater lines of the homes in the 5400 blocks to the front. The drainage and street reconstruction project, in addition to moving/replacing potable water lines, storm water lines, gas lines, and streetlight wiring, also ran new wastewater lines in the front before repaving the streets.

If you have signed and sent in the “Right of Entry Forms” to the City, about 6 months after the drainage and street reconstruction project is completed, the City will contact each property owner who has sent in the forms. The City will contact you and arrange to come on your property and plot the location of your existing wastewater lines and determine the routing to the front connection. Each pair of homes will be connected to the pipe below the white cap that is between the two homes.

If you have submitted the right-of-entry forms, the City will undertake the expense of moving these lines. If you prefer, you can hire your own plumber to do this job at your expense.

If you have not submitted the right-of-entry form, contact Bob Schwartz, 713-723-7230.


ReBuild Houston Project Complete in Marilyn Estates


The Braesmont Drive Area Drainage and Paving Project improved streets and drainage in Marilyn Estates by enhancing road safety and accessibility. This approximately $7.6 million project, located at Braesmont Drive near Queensloch Drive, 77096, began in April 2014 and was completed in April 2015.


This project consisted of the construction of approximately 7,000 linear feet of storm systems, new manholes and inlets, concrete paving, curbs, sidewalks and wheelchair ramps; as well as the construction of approximately 13,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer line.