Existing (1995) Deed Restrictions

After Marilyn Estates began in 1957, the subdivision’s Deed Restrictions drafted by the original developer worked well. In 1995, Marilyn Estates’ property owners drafted and approved Deed Restrictions directed more to maintenance of the subdivision. Today, new state legislation and practices such as tear-downs and rebuilds have led us to protect our interests through a proposed set of new Deed Restrictions. Below is the existing set of Deed Restrictions; click for the Proposed (2013) Deed Restrictions.

2019 Officers

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President- CJ Yeoman - 713-729-8442     cjyeoman at sbcglobal.net

Vice President - Martin Stalnaker - 713-721-2752   mstalnajker at acumenpc.com

Treasurer - Robert Gehring - 281-773-7135     treasurymea at outlook.com

Recording Secretary - Susan Sides - 713-705-4144   susansides at earthlink.net

Corresponding Secretary - Martha Eaves - 713-256-3484   marthaeaves at gmail.com

Parliamentarian - Ed Fastow - 713-553-7399    efastow at sbcglobal.net

Block Directors

Block directors with the officers comprise the Board of Directors of the Marilyn Estates Association. They approve the annual budget, inform residents of vital information that affects the neighborhood, and act as a first line of defense in our deed restrictions.