Proposed (2013) Deed Restrictions

As a subdivision, Marilyn Estates has been operating on Amended Deed Restrictions that were approved in 1995, 17 years ago. Click for the Existing (1995) Deed Restrictions.

Many things have changed including a series of State regulations from the last Legislative session and the one preceding, which affect the way we must operate. In addition, we are now experiencing tear-downs-and-rebuilds.

To protect our interests with these and other changes, a team of residents worked for a year to provide a new set of Deed Restrictions that better address our present and future interests. While that version was awaiting approval by the Marilyn Estates property owners, the Architectural Control Committee determined one requirement in the new restrictions would be unenforceable. So we have now uploaded a new, NEW set of restrictions that takes out that one restriction and leaves the rest as you had been notified.

The UPDATED restrictions are now ready for your review and approval as evidenced by your signature as a Marilyn Estates property owner. The Association will hold a BLITZ signing campaign beginning March 29 at the Harmony School.

When a majority of property owners in each of the original sections has approved the new version, the new Deed Restrictions will be filed and become effective. One major improvement is that all original 10 sections will become one, and the majority of Marilyn Estates property owners can then act on any issue within the subdivision, no matter where it may be.